Recent Shopify Plus Re-platform Projects

Stephen Webster
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Childsplay Clothing
  • Barrett Ahern: Childsplay Clothing - Product Page
  • Barrett Ahern: Childsplay Clothing - Homepage


We launched eco-brand, B!POD on Shopify Plus!

A rigorous design process re-imagined what an e-commerce site could look like, tailoring the shopping journey to brand storytelling and product introduction and away from boring collection grids.

Utilizing a next generation theme framework built specifically for online store 2.0, we were able to deliver a site with full customization opportunity for the client.

B!Pod launched successfully on Shopify Plus leveraging new Markets features to localize the shopping experience for global customers – including local currencies and pricing, customs and duties collections, translations and geolocation. With handy ‘pre-order’ and ‘back-in-stock’ notifications to support the new product launch, B!POD are set for success.

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Case Study.

  • Barrett Ahern: B!POD Homepage
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  • Barrett Ahern: B!POD Sections Everywhere

Pure Electric

Pure Electric were gearing up for their biggest product launch in years and wanted a detailed, powerful landing page to excite customers and reflect the quality of their products. We built them just that – with animations throughout the page to creatively inform customers about Pure’s newest scooter.

Behind the scenes, we created a suite of new and reusable components to build out the discovery page and other pages they might want to enhance. And a custom deposit function that allows users to pay a small fee to secure their scooter in advance, giving our client access to immediate revenue.

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  • Barrett Ahern: Pure Electric - Homepage
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  • Barrett Ahern: Pure Electric - Product Page
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The new TOAST store is here. This luxury clothing and homewares label joins a growing list of high-end brands taking their online stores to Shopify Plus.

We migrated TOAST from a bespoke platform and built them a brand new store that proves to be the perfect pairing of function and beauty. Think immersive visuals and a ton of bespoke functionality.

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  • Barrett Ahern: TOAST - Mobile
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  • Barrett Ahern: TOAST - Product Page