Barrett Ahern

As a Senior Product Manager at WeMakeWebsites – “one of the most successful ecommerce agencies on the planet” – I specialize in replatforming ecommerce companies to Shopify Plus, combining my expertise in product management with a unique background in digital marketing and analysis. With a strong focus on data-driven decision-making, I excel at creating products that enhance user experiences, drive growth, and align with strategic goals.

I have a proven track record of success, from growing startup revenue to over $15M to managing ecommerce websites for an in-house portfolio of brands valued at over $240M. Additionally, I have led high-velocity iterations for retainer clients and executed successful replatforming projects for prominent UK and international brands, including TOAST, Pure Electric, SkinnyDip, Stephen Webster, Db Journey, Childsplay Clothing, B!POD, This Works, and more.

Drawing from my experience in digital marketing, I possess a deep understanding of user behavior and the ability to leverage data analytics effectively. This unique combination allows me to bring a holistic perspective to product management, identifying market opportunities, evaluating risks, and prioritizing initiatives based on data-driven insights. By utilizing my skills in data analysis, internet marketing, and conversion optimization, I am able to uncover valuable insights and make informed decisions that drive product success.

Furthermore, my background in digital marketing equips me with a keen understanding of the customer journey and the ability to optimize products for maximum impact. I utilize my expertise to craft user stories that capture the needs and desires of the target audience, ensuring that product requirements are aligned with user expectations and business objectives. This customer-centric approach, combined with data-driven decision-making, allows me to deliver products that exceed customer expectations and drive tangible business results.

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